Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush A Rubick’s Cube And Play Cards

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The internet is a strange place. Amongst the endless cat videos and iPhone blending, sometimes a true stroke of genius emerges and immediately goes viral. The hydraulic press channel is one such stroke of genius. If you’re slightly confused as to why these videos are quite so popular, you need to ask yourself: what could be more satisfying than watching a hydraulic press well and truly squash the living daylights out of various random objects? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

The hydraulic press YouTube channel is the brainchild of mad genius Lauri Vuohensilta, who owns a small factory in Finland. Using the power of pressure and a few well-placed cameras, Lauri has captured what happens to hundreds of items when they’re squashed to oblivion.

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In the past Lauri has crushed coins, Lego bricks, explosive items and even a $4,000 diamond. In his latest video, Lauri places a Rubik’s cube, a pack of playing cards and a dice into the jaws of his unrelenting press, and the results are slightly more explosive than you’d expect. You can check out exactly what went down over on the next page.

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