Weatherman Spots ‘Penis Twister’ During Report, Can’t Keep It Together

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Nature is scary. Sometimes you’ll be walking along, happy as Larry after a particularly relaxing yoga class, and all of a sudden a giant penis shaped twister will appear out of nowhere, threatening to dump its damp contents on your head.

This is exactly what happened to Olympic gold medallist Barbara Kendall earlier this week, in an incident which she didn’t fail to share on her Twitter account. What Barbara failed to mention, however, was the particular part of the human anatomy the twister so closely resembled. Perhaps she was worried she’d get taken down for posting offensive material?

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.09.28

Someone who did notice the resemblance, however, was a New Zealand weatherman who was reporting on Barbara’s photo (incorrectly credited as Ben Jackson). He cheekily pointed out: “When you take a step back, is there anything else you see in this picture?”


One of the news anchors was quick to ridicule the weatherman for pointing out the obvious: “You didn’t have to say that.” The other anchor agreed, adding: “It’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer, mate!” You can check out the video in full over on the next page.

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