7 Amazing Things People Found in Their Backyard

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“You can have an adventure right at your backyard”. There are hundreds of different houses with different backyards who have under been different owners who did different things, and sometimes, these things are left for the next owner of the backyard to find. A little free time and a little curiosity, people discover new, amazing, unusual or out-of-this-world things in their backyards. Through the internet, mostly social media and news, these things are published for the world to see. People are amazed by the things that can possibly be found in others’ backyard. Here are a few of the unusual or amazing things people find in their backyards.

1. 10 Million Dollars

A couple from Sierra Nevada, California was walking their dog in their property one morning when they discovered something poking out of the ground. After digging this, they saw gold discs in a container and so they brought it home. After cleaning the discs, they discovered these discs were $20 golden coins. They immediately went back to the area and discovered more of these containers still containing golden coins. It is said that the coins dated back from 1890s. All in all current amount of the coins reached 10 Million Dollars.

2. Whale Fossil

A man found a rock with a bone pattern near his back yard in 1978, thinking this was something important, the man called an expert and evaluated it as having no value. This was ignored for years, until 2014 when the man was watching the news and heard that a whale skull fossil was found a hundred yards away from the rock. The man called another expert, a palaeontologist. The palaeontologist examined the rock and discovered that this was a fossil of a 14-16 million years old remains of a very rare Baleen Whale.

3. Ferrari

In 1978, two kids were having a day out in their backyard and decided that it might be fun to dig around. After a while of digging, they discovered something hard and metallic. The kids decided to report what they found and so, the police of the town investigated the area. It was discovered that the hard and metallic thing the kids hit was a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari which was stolen four years ago and was probably buried in that area. The owner of the Ferrari was then contacted; he then got payment from his insurance company. The Ferrari was then auctioned off to a mechanic and fixed the car up. Up to this day, the mechanic still owns the Ferrari.

4. Church Bells

In 2013, a man from Czech Republic decided to dig up his backyard to install some pipes. After a while of digging, he dug up two church bells. It was discovered that the church bells were stolen 11 years ago and was buried, but was never dug up by the ones who stole them.

5. A Native American Remains

In early 2014, a homeowner from Salt Lake City was digging up in his background for a pond. The homeowner discovered bones which seemed to be of a human being. The homeowner then called the local police department to report the incident. The Police department together with the state medical examiner ran tests on the human bones and discovered it was not a recent murder but was, in fact, a thousand year old remains possibly from a Native American. Further test and calls were then made to contact possible tribes it could belong in to be returned for a sacred interment.

6. A Cemetery

A man from New Orleans, Louisiana decided to dig up his backyard for a pool. In his surprise, he found a historic cemetery and discovered 13 caskets with human remains. It is said that the cemetery dated back to the 1700s.

7. Giant Earthworm

A worker from China was hanging his clothes in his backyard when he was startled by something that at first glance was thought to be a snake. At a closer look, he realized it was a giant earthworm, measuring up to 20 inches long.

Credits:Perry Barnes, source
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