Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

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At this point, almost everyone is familiar with reflexology, an ancient Chinese practice. Not long ago, this practice has become all the rage due to its ability to treat various physical ailments.
Given the fact that reflexology is completely safe and all-natural treatment, the fact that it can be used calm down babies doesn’t come as a surprise.  Babies respond to physical pain by crying and this is their means of telling that there is something wrong.  Reflexology steps in as an effective tool for calming down babies as it helps determine the problem and then to address it appropriately.
Reflexology Foot Guide for Babies
Interestingly, it is believed that reflexology works better on babies than adults as they are more receptive to physical touch. Since holding the baby and rubbing their back is the typical response to comfort them, reflexology works as an amazing treatment.
Although mainly focused on the feet, reflexology is an application to many other points on the body and the stimulation of certain point t helps treat many health issues associated with their corresponding body parts.
If you want to address issues involving the head and teeth you should rub the tips of the toes. This is an ideal treatment for issues that affect the areas above the neck, such as ear infection and teething.
Just like the sinuses are placed in the center of the head, the area on the foot associated with sinuses is the center of the head/teeth area. Application of pressure on the center of child`s toe helps reduce the symptoms of sinus issues like runny nose and similar respiratory problems.
Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately
The chest area is associated with the top of the foot which touches the ground. By applying pressure on this area you can relieve congestion and thus treat chronic coughs or colds which cause accumulation of phlegm. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically shown that reflexology helps reduce all forms of congestion.
Solar Plexus
The solar plexus has a specific location and it is made of nerves found between the stomach and the lungs. Its location is the major reason why the pain affecting this area is difficult to narrow down, but luckily applying pressure near the upper area of the arch of foot helps relieve it.
Upper & Lower Abdomen
The area of the foot associated with the abdomen is actually the entire arch of the foot. To relieve digestive issues like heartburn or bowel obstruction, you should perform reflexology on the upper half of the arch.
On the other hand, the lower abdomen is associated with the lower half of the arch and stimulating this point helps relieve bloating and constipation.
The pelvic area is associated with the heels of the baby`s foot, meaning that applying pressure to the heel helps relieve muscle tightness and postural problems.
In brief, reflexology is an effective tool to relieve pain caused by various conditions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it works as “cure-all” but it definitely helps increase your baby` s comfort and reduce your stress during those periods.

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