[Watch] The Terrifying Moment A Lion Tries To Eat A Toddler On Live TV

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Credit: Trending Feed

A video from 2003 is going viral again on social media because of its shocking content and the potentially fatal moment that it captures.
The footage that’s making waves again is from a Mexican talk show called Con Sello de Mujer that airs live and often features a variety of different acts, one of them being a leashed lion in this case.
A zookeeper sits calmly with the seemingly tranquil lion, but the lion appears to be overly interested in the fussy toddler that’s sitting in her mother’s lap.
As the group of people talks about the animal, and others like her at the zoo, the lion suddenly lunges at the small child with her teeth bared and her claws poised to hold onto the girl. The lion bites down on the girls pants and holds her firmly as the zookeepers scurry to open her jaws and extract the girl’s legs.
Though the mother’s immediate reaction is to scream, one of the keepers laughs and tells the girl and her mother over and over to be calm so that the lion won’t react even more adversely. Despite the terrifying circumstances, the mother seems to take the keeper’s advice to heart and refrains from screaming again.
What’s more bizarre than the lion unexpectedly attacking the child is after the incident, when the host escorts the mother and child off of the stage quickly but brings the lion back to be coddled and played with.
Certainly, the pair were thankful to be away from the animal, but to bring the lion back to continue the show is a little odd. Hopefully, the show re-evaluated their acts before booking another child and wild animal together.

Watch the terrifying moment below.

Credits:Brianna Acuesta, source
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