Bulldog Notices an Elephant on TV. He Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Imitation.

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes people act like animals? We’ve all gotten a little wild and crazy at times in our lives. Not only is it natural, it’s also instinctual, after all we are classified scientifically as animals!
What is kind of strange, and yet awesome just about every time, is when animals act like other animals. More specifically, when it’s our pets acting like other species of animals. If you’ve ever known or seen a family cat who behaves more like a typical dog then you know exactly what I’m talking about. When that happens it’s almost always adorable, innocent, and endearingly funny.
In the case of Fred the Bulldog, he thinks a little more outside the box because the animal he tries to emulate in this video is an elephant! The adorable pup was watching TV one day when a commercial for paper towels came on. It featured an elephant that made a loud, clear trumpeting sound and when Fred heard that it sparked something deep down within him. He opened his Bulldog mouth and let out a terrific, resounding elephant call that was actually quite impressive!
Fred’s spirit animal must be an elephant. His imitation of one is simply too good for this not to be the case and it’s as if he really was one with the elephant in the advert! Also, the noises he makes at the very end of the clip are just as funny. Someone commented that “He thinks he’s an elephant, then he thinks he’s a rusty old door” and they are spot on with that description of it. Be sure to check Fred the Bulldog out and he’ll reward you by making you smile!
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